I grew up in Atlanta GA at a time when it was a quieter, simpler place to live. I graduated high school in Tennessee and started college, but I wasn’t ready. After leaving college, I got a “Greetings” letter from my friends and neighbors drafting me into the U.S. Army. I trained for one year before going to Vietnam. I was wounded in combat and lost my left foot to a boobytrap. I believe that a handicap doesn’t have to be a disability. I continued to play tennis, golf, and hold a Brown Belt in Aikido. I graduated from The University of West Georgia with a Bachelors and Masters degree in Humanistic Psychology in four years. I worked as a Master’s level psychologist for the State of GA before entering private practice, At 39,I left my practice to get a PH.D. at the University of Georgia and a year later received my Licence in Psychology. I maintained a full time private practice until 2017 when I retired. During my work life, I authored multiple books and workbooks about Life Patterns.

Since retirement, I took up flyfishing. I built a bamboo fly rod and, in 2019, became a Certified Casting Instructor with Fly Fishers International. I love teaching casting and fly fishing around the country.

For the last forty years, I have been a student of life. I believe that every person has the right to find what generates their passion and makes them happy. In my opinion, anyone can create healthy patterns is the fastest and most efficient way to do that. 

I am married to Jeannie, who is my partner in all things.

How the idea for treating patterns found me...

Early in my career, I saw a repetitive phenomenon that played out in people's lives. In counseling, they told me they performed actions, that they called “mistakes,” over and over and had no way to change it. Why did this happen?