When a person recognizes their pattern, they become fascinated and excited with the idea that simply by looking, they can see patterns in their relationships, work environment, and physical and emotional health. They want to share what they learn with others wanting to learn and grow. This interest quickly become the basis for a community of change - a community of physical and emotional health.

This video was done years ago by Jeffery Overdorff. It reflects what he learned about patterns. The content remains relevant (except for the donation part). 

What if people became aware and demanded accountability from people in power. What if you and I led a change process based on what was good for people's physical and emotional health. What if compassion, happiness and growth became the standards for life. Right now is a great time to get involved. Believe it or not you already know about patterns. Everyone does, but you don't think about them. What if, you learned about your patterns and told someone else who learned about their patterns, who told someone else...

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