Dr. Mauldin announced that his online assessment tools for children and adolescents has been deemed reliable and valid. The Company began beta tests and benchmark studies in September 2002 with numerous child and adolescent service providers in the hospital, residential and private practice markets.

Dr. Hamid Mirsalimi, an external statistical consultant to Dr. Mauldin reported, “When comparing the MPA to the Beck Five-Factor (renamed Beck Youth Inventories™ of Emotional & Social Impairment), we found it to be statistically valid. The validity and reliable on four of the MPA subtests was at the .01 level, meaning that the comparison would be consistent in 99 of 100 cases.  Other factors were significant at the .05 level (95 of 100 cases)”.

Dr. John Mauldin, CEO PsyPractice and MPA Inventor added, “it has been particularly challenging to benchmark this test, because of the uniqueness of our assessment process, It is significant to compare to the Beck because both are self-reports by the child. Later this quarter we will be announcing a complementary instrument for the primary adult caretakers in the child’s life.”

The MPA for children and adolescents measures and scores individual patterns in 7 critical healthy factors and 17 clinical areas. It reports client risk level and general recommendations. It allows clinicians to determine treatment objectives and recommendations in a fast and simple protocol.

The Mauldin Pattern Assessment (MPA) is a web-based mental health screening instrument series that measures behavioral patterns, determines risk potentials, and recommends general levels of care for children, adolescents and adults. The Company plans to move immediately into phase two of reliability and validity testing where key industry experts will review, rate and provide opinion about the assessment series.

More company, product and contact information is available from the company website http://www.drjohnmauldin.com