Evolution of A Pattern Theory

1972-76 Training in Humanistic Psychology

1976-82 Practical experience with treatment; formulation of EFDRE model

1982-86 Training in counseling theory and intervention; formulation of biological and environmental pattern components

1986 Book-Success with Children: application of pattern theory to classroom operation.

1986-96 Application of Pattern Theory to environmental cultures; formulation of training programs for teamwork.

1996 Book-Life Prescription: First attempt to explain the breadth and details of patterns in life. LINK

2001 Paper-Dynamic Pattern Theory: first academic paper on patterns (unpublished). It shows an incomplete treatment process, but adds the ERB (environment, relationship, biology), CSSB (care,support,safety, and boundaries), stress-problem solving diagram, the beginning thoughts about treatment, and the web assessment concept. LINK

2001-2011 Research; expanded theoretical approach, standardized a treatment process, created explanatory tools, and organized a training process.

2011 Began work on Life Pattern book

2013 Paper-Journal of Dynamical Psychology. LINK

2014 Book-Life Patterns published. Available at Amazon.

2014 Research-Healthy Patterns: Began research on healthy life patterns, reviewing all theories about emotional health. Organized theories into seven categories called SAFARIM, Began workshop design to train people on SAFARIM.

2015 Workbook-Exploring Life Patterns Workbook published: Completed and published the workbook as a companion to the Life Patterns book. The workbook is available to download in the store or from Amazon. LINK

2015 videos-Exploring Life Pattern Videos completed; A set of videos that explains the Exploring Life Patterns Workbook. LINK

2015 Research-Apply ACEs to Substance Abuse; taking the idea that stress reduces problem solving ability, devised a questionnaire to see if people in substance abuse treatment experienced more ACE trauma than general population. If this was true, then their ability to find solutions to stressors may become limited to drugs or alcohol.

2015 Began the final rewrite of The Treatment of Life Patterns-a book for therapists about how to understand life patterns and the techniques to treat them.