I have to admit I did not know what to expect from our visit to Charleston. I understood there would be a large number of handicapped veterans from all wars, and all wars were represented. I have not been involved with veterans groups because I don't care about old times and war stories. This was different. 

This was a time of hope and healing. I saw every conceivable wound - physical and emotional. No one acted disabled. Each vet lived as normal a life as possible within limitations.

Gary Senise on bass

The people in charge treated them simply as special people. The weekend was a joy. Thanks to Jim Garth, the CEO, his wife Brenda, who planned and organized the event, to the staff and volunteers, and to Gary Senise for flying in from CA to play with the Lt. Dan Band.

These are real people doing a real job to help veterans. If you are looking for a good place to give a donation, these people spend 97 cents of each dollar directly on the veterans.