At the TMI reunion last month, I reconnected with a high school friend. He is the Executive Director of The Freedom Fund. He  was kind enough to invite me to the Lt. Dan Festival. I get be with other handicapped vets, and who knows, I may even run in the 5k race (not far just to where I can start walking).

I reviewed his website. It has all the things I love about people helping other people - they treat them as capable, healthy people, making it possible for people with a handicap not to be disabled. 

A short story about my brother and being handicapped. He and I were on a fishing trip in Fl. We went to the bait store which happened to be in a strip mall. Parking was limited and after 35 years without one I had decided to get a handicapped tag. I had put it on the car the past week. So, I pulled into the handicapped spot in front of the store. My brother was a police officer for 30 years and has a very clear vision of right and wrong.

As I pulled in to the slot he said sarcastically, "Since when are you handicapped".

"1970", I replied.

"Oh, I forgot", was all he said.

It remains the best compliment I ever got.

I am looking forward to Gary Senise and his band.