Spiritual Life Patterns

I am retired. I wondered for about two minutes what I would do with all the extra time. All the things I thought I could not do while I was working. It dawned on me slowly that responsibilities, the ones I had while working, were a choice, and the restriction I placed on what I did was simply the way I lived my life, good or bad.

This idea led to a new set of choices. How to continue to help people while not doing therapy. The answer is to teach something I know and love. Could it be patterns? 

I have worked with the Ruth House Ministries for several years helping the women in the program understand and change patterns. The staff continually points out how similar healthy patterns are to spiritual teachings in the Bible.

In an amazing journey. I made the connection. I started with the workshop as it is. No good. Adding a few Bible verses wasn't the answer. I meditated and prayed about it. The truth was that the content was good but limited. I tore the workshop apart.

It was not near what I wanted to do, but I changed my approach to a workshop to teach spiritual values from the Bible while incorporating healthy pattern into life.

Finding the balance has been exhilarating. I have discovered a pattern to the Bible I never recognized before. I have found insights and profound teachings that changed the entire basis of the workshop. Finally, I decoded healthy patterns into a intertwined process for spiritual living that explains life.

The first workshop series is coming on February 20. Check the calendar for time and location.