Interesting Meeting

Yesterday, I asked a simple question about Life Pattern training. What is the best way to find "well". 

I met with a group yesterday and asked how learning about patterns helped. The group agreed that knowing about Life Patterns coupled with finding a relationship with God was a powerful combination (another bog for a another time). Several stated that it really helped to understand their pattern, but stated the experience was daunting early in treatment. 

I asked how it could be improved and generally this is what they said.

First, give each person a short orientation time to their new program before starting pattern work. It was hard to think about patterns when they were learning the organization of a new place, routine and expectations. Let them get settled before digging into their Life Patterns. 

Second, create something to read that explained the seven core ideas of Life Patterns before they entered the training group.

Third, have individual pattern sessions with each person before the enter the training group. Give them the opportunity to understand their Life Pattern. 

Fourth, enter the training group and work through the workbook. Using their understanding of their pattern as the basis for their work.

Finally, have an open group for graduates of the program. When they are "better" and know they are better, give them the opportunity to leave "better" and go to "well".

I listened carefully. I  meet with the staff within the next weeks to change my training process in the program. I am changing my practice to incorporate these ideas. Anything I can do to help a person to 'well' so be it.