The Mauldin Pattern Assessments (MPA) are a web-based screening series of assessments that are completed by the client or their representative on the computer in 30 minutes or less than 30 minutes. 

Each assessment measures specific factors and sub-factors that represent a client’s present behavioral patterns, potential problems, and future needs. A written report is available immediately after the assessment is completed. All screening assessments are research based.

In the standard report, a clinician finds a risk score that represents the client's report about each factor, a narrative summary, recommendations, and pattern summary. Tests can be given for pre-post test comparisons to assess improvement and treatment efficacy. The computer program is secure and HIPPA compliant. This assessment tool is time-efficient and cost effective.

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MPA 1219

Behavior Checklist

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May 2003 – Dr. John Mauldin, creator and marketer of the Mauldin Pattern Assessment (MPA) Series, announced finalization of reliability and validity. (READ MORE)